About Us

The Nexus Café & Coffeehouse Story

Nexus, simply defined, is “a means of connection.” Nexus Café & Coffeehouse serves as a means by which Clevelanders connect with one another and their city.

Born from the community of Gateway Church, Nexus fosters an atmosphere where people and community are paramount. Opportunities to serve the city through volunteerism are readily available through the organizational efforts of Nexus, which includes creating partnerships with local nonprofits, churches and social agencies. A portion of the proceeds from every coffee and food purchase at Nexus goes to supporting these initiatives.

The Values of Nexus

More than mere words, the values on which Nexus was founded are lived out and embodied by all of its employees and volunteers.


Every cup of coffee and every meal will be driven by excellence – both in the ingredients that form them and by the hands that prepare them.


The charge to make Cleveland a better place to live and work is real and definite for Nexus.

“Glocal” Awareness

Nexus encourages people to “think globally and act locally” by informing them of important local, regional and global issues – and by providing them with opportunities to address those issues.


Nexus is a place where visitors can create new friendships and foster existing relationships with fellow Clevelanders.

Nexus’ Commitment and Mission

Nexus promotes the community while consistently serving quality products with a joyful attitude, encouraging “glocal” awareness, employing honest labor and providing a welcoming environment.