Interested in joining the Nexus family?

Within Nexus Café & Coffeehouse, there are four core values that are expected to be lived out by every family member:


Service at Nexus means more than simply giving guests what they order. At Nexus, service is about putting others before ourselves, whether it’s a guest, co-worker or complete stranger. The actions and decisions of family members should be centered around caring for others – inside and outside of the café’s walls. People who are passionate about serving Cleveland and being a part of its resurgence will feel at home working at Nexus.


Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Every member of the Nexus family strives to perform their job with excellence. If something doesn’t live up to that standard, it’s not served or done. Corners aren’t cut, and no one settles for second best. Nexus family members care too much for those they serve to give less than their best.


Nexus is a place where communities are built, whether among family members (employees) or extended family (guests). Each community celebrates personal differences, and everyone is invited to join – and have fun along the way.


People often don’t know where their food came from or who the people are that brought it to them. Not at Nexus, where Head Chef Mickey DeAngelo flew to Sumatra to buy coffee directly from farmers in the Kepahyang region, and where team members return to Sumatra throughout the year to meet and work with the farmers. In the process, the challenges facing Sumatrans are better understood – which carries over to better understanding the challenges facing Clevelanders. Nexus family members are expected to share that understanding and awareness with others.

Nexus makes this promise to all of its family members: If you invest yourself into Nexus and its guests, Nexus will invest in you. It’s our goal to make your experience at Nexus one you feel prepares you for the rest of your life.