Event and Venue Manager

Jason Hickerson

As a child, I moved almost every four years.  I started out in Louisiana but spent a few years in Nevada, Mississippi, Missouri, and Arkansas. In Missouri, I met Tisha, my best friend, and wife. We had a long distance relationship (eight hours apart) for two years before we married and moved to Nashville, TN. I finished university and studied Recording Industry Management.  After one year in Nashville, we moved to Louisiana.

I worked for a church and a production company. This was my first taste of venue management. I loved working with all the people involved to put together a successful concert, play, or worship experience. After 18 months in Louisiana, we moved to Paris, France. We lived in Paris for three years teaching English to university students (Paris, Tu me manque). January of 2011 I became a father and my life was forever changed.

Being a father is still something that blows my mind.  When our three-year contract ended in Paris we moved back to America and entered the job market. Enter Nexus:  I have always dreamed of managing a venue but I also wanted to work with a non-profit that worked to better the community.

When Mickey explained the Nexus vision I was hooked! Tisha, Judah and I are excited to be apart of the Nexus community. Come be a part of the Nexus story and write your own chapter.


Favorite Childhood Memory

Many families (I learned later in life) take trips and stay at the beach for a week. My family took camping trips and drove around the mountains for several days looking for something that caught our eye.  One summer my cousins, Jake and Jim, joined us for a family adventure. Jake was very concerned about his luggage.

He borrowed a very fancy bag from his mother and was worried something would happen to the bag. One evening, after setting up the tent, we left to eat dinner. Upon returning, Jake concludes that his bag has been “stolen.” When we got back from dinner my mom asked our neighbors to take Jake’s bag to their campsite for a couple hours.

Everyone held it together long enough for Jake to be in tears about his mother’s lost luggage. When we finally came clean Jake announced that in the morning all of our clothes would be in the lake!  Great times with family! I will never forget the best prank ever.

Passion/ Hope for Cleveland

I am a passionate person. I believe passion is contagious. I am passionate about helping people see how they can serve and help their community.

We can make a difference in this city and the world we live in. I want to see people from all walks of life, all areas of interest, and all ages working together for a better Cleveland.

Favorite Bands

Mewithoutyou, Damien Jurado, Snow Patrol, and Cool Hand Luke

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