Head Chef & GM

Mickey D

I was born and raised in NE Ohio. I’ve left a few times, but somehow always got pulled back in after a year or two- this place grows on you! I have been in the restaurant business since my first job as a busboy at Spanish Tavern in Broadview Heights (flash to the past for some) and simply worked my way up the line.

I had the pleasure of being mentored by my best friend Chef Patrick Kunkel – we opened Saucy Bistro and Lefever’stogether before I went on my own as executive chef at Vaccaro’s Trattoria.


When my twin girls were born I took a break from the restaurant business and have spent the past few years working at the Cleveland Clinic and volunteering a huge amount of time working with youth and adults as I have served with local churches.

While my heart to serve people had been satisfied through that, I felt a part of me was missing out by not cooking more regularly. Out of that, Nexus is born – a place where all of me can serve the city I love!

Favorite Childhood Memory

I have a ton! While some had awkward middle school and high school years, I have to be honest in saying mine rocked! I had some of the best friends in the world. To keep it more childhood related, I will remember in middle school there was a semester I did not do so well in English and had failed (don’t tell my kids).

I didn’t want to go home so I went to my friend Josh’s house where we listened to the newly released Beastie Boys album (Rock Hall again!). Maybe a simple memory – but it was great just hanging out and avoiding my parent’s wrath!

Passion/ Hope for Cleveland

One of my main passions is to see people become all they were created to be. I love to see when people find their personal mission in life and then come alive as they realize their own talents, joys, and purposes can come together harmoniously to fulfill that mission.

For me that is Nexus – it is a combination of friends, food, and service – I think as others learn to harness their gifts we can see a major change in our city as we all live to serve each other.

Favorite Bands

Guns N’ Roses, James Taylor, David Crowder Band

On behalf of me, my wife Kylee, my twin girls Mackenzie and Gianna, and my crazy son Nate we hope you find as much in Nexus as we have!

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