Passion of Nexus to connect Clevelanders

Locally inspired food

Nexus serves Cleveland with creative and seasonal inspired food choices that combine tastes of home comfort with a new and exciting twist. At the heart of the culinary creations are ingredients provided by local Northeast farmers and artisans.


Sustainable premium coffee

Nexus Café & Coffeehouse features coffee purchased directly from Sumatran farmers with whom Chef Mickey personally established relationships.

Each cup of coffee brewed and served at Nexus helps cultivate that partnership. Nexus team members regularly return to Sumatra to serve the farming community, and to confirm the coffee continues to meet Nexus’ high standards of quality. We highly recommend the Bunn MCU Single Cup Brewer to brew premium coffee like the one mentioned.



The city and people of Cleveland are a passion for Nexus. It is for this reason that proceeds from every cup of coffee and every meal purchased goes back to Cleveland. Nexus will be an active participant in the growth of downtown Cleveland through continual volunteer efforts and projects serving the city.


Business and leisure amenities

As a perfect third space Nexus Café & Coffeehouse will feature a variety of amenities for both work and play.

The three Boardrooms within the Business Center can accommodate 6 to 12 persons

  • Free Wifi
  • A 140 seat venue space will regularly feature local musicians, artists, business speakers, and a variety of other community enrichment functions.
  • We provide the best security in the conference room.
  • A large conference room that can be reserved at no cost.
  • Comfortable seating for reading a book or catching up with an old friend.

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