The Buyer’s Guide to Home Espresso Machines

These days more people are going for espresso machines and not a normal coffee maker. Espresso is a creamier and thicker version of a coffee and is one of the most caffeinated drink out there. Starbucks is particularly famous for making delicious espressos but now you can make this delectable beverage at home too.

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If you are looking to buy a new espresso machine but don’t know where to start looking from? Don’t worry, we have made this guide just to help you out with this decision.

Types of Espresso Machines

There are mainly four types of home espresso machines:

  1. Manual Espresso Machines

This type of Espresso Machine requires you to manually apply water pressure which results in the quality of the drink is different, each time it is prepared. It is a little more hard work and you can forget to get a consistent quality of drink as it all depends on the water pressure you are putting.

  1. Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines

Unlike the manual espresso machine, you don’t need to manually apply water pressure, you can just turn the pump on when making an espresso and just set the water pressure, the pump will work according to that.

  1. Full Espresso Machines

Similar to a Semi-Automatic Espresso machine, this one comes with a regulator too which keeps a check on how much water is passed through the espresso.

  1. Super Automatic Espresso Machines

One of the best types of espresso machines, these come with top-notch features and built-in grinders to provide you with high-quality Espressos in no time.

5 Things to consider while buying an Espresso machine

Easy usage

Go for a model that is user-friendly and doesn’t require you to have any prior skill for making an Espresso. There are many types of Espresso machines available which come with a frother, grinder, filters, pumps, etc. and may make your work easier. So go for those Espresso machines which just require your minimal input, unlike Semi-Automatic Espresso Machines which require you to know everything about how to make a perfect Espresso.

Easy cleaning

Choose an Espresso machine which has removable drip tray or a programmed cleaning cycle so as to ensure a regular cleanup. Coffee machines need to be regularly cleaned so as to ensure that they don’t break down. If you can remove its parts to clean, it will make your work a lot easier in keeping the espresso machine clean and working.


You have a variety of options ranging from Espresso machine costing $100 to Espresso machines costing $3000. So you need to decide the specifications and features that you require in your Espresso machine and set your budget according to that.


Make sure that you choose an Espresso machine which is durable and won’t get ruined in just a few years, stainless steel is found to last longer and is an excellent addition to your kitchen. Go for machines which won’t break down on regular usage, so go for machines with high performance and durability.


Although you might be tempted to buy a lighter Espresso machine, know this that heavier machines are more durable and come with more features. Usually, a stainless steel machine is heavier and lasts longer.

Grinder and Milk Frother

Another feature to keep a look out for is whether your Espresso machine has a built-in grinder and milk frother or not. If these are important to you, better to look for a machine which already has these.

Other Features

You can find different Espresso machines with different features so decide which features are important for you and which ones can you skip on. If you want a removable drip tray, or a measuring marker on the container, frothing capabilities, water tank storages, etc., keep a look out for them and choose Espresso machines which offer you these additional features.


Make sure the product is good enough that the company is willing to give you a longer warranty as they are confident about their manufacturing. Ensure that your Espresso machine has a one-year or two-year warranty, this will help you in keeping your Espresso Machine maintained.

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